About us

CRDF Labs is an organization based in the city of Paris, France. The lab is edited by a person who is passionate about computer security and likes to serve the common good.

Our philosophy is clear and precise: we want to make the Web more secure. To do this, we develop innovative tools to address threats from the most complex to the most basic. Our international network of partners allows us to have a realistic and efficient vision of the cyber-threat at any given moment and to respond according to specific needs.

Our Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) engines via the CRDF Threat Center enable our partners to protect their infrastructure, intervene, conduct cyber security research and anticipate the threat.

Total independence

CRDF Labs is totally independent and wishes to remain so. Our physical infrastructure does not depend on any hosting provider; we host everything ourselves in our own premises.

We do not depend on any public, community or corporate funding. We are financially autonomous and some of our partners sometimes help us by exchanging data with us or by other means. This financial independence ensures a real autonomy.

Totally non-commercial activity

Everything we publish, develop or transmit is done for non-commercial purposes and will always remain so. We do not wish to develop any commercial activity. Since the beginning, the CRDF Threat Center has always been done with the goal of making the web safer.

Our data is not intended to be published to the general public but to IT security professionals for security reasons. Therefore, all data is classified as TLP:AMBER+STRICT (unless otherwise stated).

Exchange and share

Because sharing and exchanging makes us stronger, we love to partner with various entities to exchange data, services and intelligence.

Our network of partners is our strength and allows us to be stronger together.

Understand all threats and anticipate them

At CRDF Labs, we treat all threats with the same level of importance. We range from state threat analysis to the common threat: cyber crime.

On all these threats, our objective is clear: to exchange, discover, analyze, understand and anticipate.

Anticipation allows us to discover future threats.

Develop innovative tools

Since the early days of CRDF Labs, we have been developing, with the means at our disposal, tools to detect, analyze and understand the threat.