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Who arewe ?

A web agency that is not only the web but also security ... Original, is not it?

CRDF, the web agency

CRDF, web agency specializes in creating websites since 2000 supports and advises you to make your web project a success. Specialized in the creation, design, implementation and development of static and dynamic web sites, our mission is to support companies and associations in the implementation of their project, providing expertise and suitable solution performance and scalable.

CRDF Labs, the laboratory on computer security

CRDF Labs laboratory on the eve of malicious activity present on the Internet. We observe malicious behavior to develop, understand, inform and fight against these scourges. The laboratory is actively fighting against malware, spam and security risks.

A little history...

  • 2014
  • Product development Blockulicious. A product able to block malicious web addresses before they reach your computer. This product is intended for general public use.

  • 2013
  • The new version of the website is developed and available for the first time.

    19 Octobre 2013
  • 2010
  • CRDF Threat Center

    Creation of 'CRDF Threat Center, a non-commercial and community database security risks such as viruses, spam and malicious addresses.

  • 2009
  • Le logo de CRDF Labs Creation of the laboratory 'CRDF Labs'.
  • Development of the first anti-spam outsourced to POP3 / IMAP written in PHP. Hundreds of users using this application to protect against spam. The product is still available for download but not CRDF Labs updates its databases.
  • CRDF Anti Malware

    CRDF Anti Malware

    Development of the first version of the software 'CRDF Anti Malware' for Windows platforms.
  • 2006
  • Le logo de CRDF en 2006 Opening the Web agency and its website portal offering design websites.
  • Internet site closure '' to concentrate on the development of CRDF France and its activities.
  • 2000
  • Opening of '' offering services for webmasters wanting to get SaS services to boost their websites. 25 Janvier 2000
  • Creating the logo 'CRDF France'. 10 Juillet 1996


What do we do with CRDF?

Web design

CRDF creates professional websites at very attractive prices. Specially designed for interested companies or associations to obtain a window on the Internet.


SEO for your website, real visibility on the Internet engine, should not be underestimated. This step takes place through the website of the production process and must consider a number of criteria required for proper SEO.

GUIs / Webdesign

The interface design is a concrete realization stage of the image and your company's communication axis. More than just a visual interface design guides the user through an intuitive navigation, as accurately and consistently the information structure.


The unauthorized use of protected information, the theft of sensitive data and malicious damage to information systems must lead companies to adopt effective security policy. In search of the lowest fallibility, this policy forced to regularly identify vulnerabilities in the information system to perform a technology watch and control all information flows, both incoming and outgoing.


CRDF has developed a full range of professional hosting and managed services that meet the high availability and security requirements of firms hosting today wishing to develop or strengthen a sustainable business over the Internet. We offer a turnkey service, from server dedicated to providing the technical management of your server.


CRDF Labs is the non-profit laboratory CRDF France. This ensures lab includes analysis and actively fight against the security risks associated with internet browsing. Our partners are informed in real time by our findings.

CRDF few importantnumbers

Like the statistics and figures? We also...


An agency without projects, it is not a web agency ...

  • CRDF Monitoring

  • CRDF Threat Center

  • CRDF Short URL


The quality and richness of our references are among our strengths. They implicitly reflect our ability to respond to requests for very different kinds in all sectors of industry activities and services.


Our latest news fresh prepared with care

Unfortunately, CRDF France is a French company and the articles of this blog are published in French. They are not available in English.
CRDF France cesse son activité Image
CRDF France cesse son activité

CRDF France annonce officiellement la fin de ses activités. Les produits Blockulicious DNS et Blockulicious Endpoint ne seront plus accessibles dans les prochaines semaines. Merci de bien vouloir lire dans son intégralité cette annonce importante.

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